Medical Team


Jesse B. McKey, M.D.

Dr. Jesse B. McKey is a Board-certified ophthalmologist and surgeon. He provides custom cataract, LASIK, and other vision correction surgeries to Whitsett Vision Group patients, as well as comprehensive ophthalmology.

After receiving his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Michigan, Dr. McKey completed his residency at the prestigious Wills Eye Center in Philadelphia, one of the top three ophthalmology training programs in the United States.

Dr. McKey is a certified physician with the American Board of Ophthalmology. In addition to that professional affiliation, he is also a member of the Texas Medical Association and the Harris County Medical Society.

A strong commitment to improving eye care through research and innovation has characterized Dr. McKey’s career from his time in medical school to the present day. His clinical and research interests include:

  • Next-generation diagnostic tools such as iTrace and ORA
  • Improving outcomes for cataract patients through innovations in lens implant design
  • Helping patients achieve outstanding vision and freedom from corrective lenses through custom vision correction procedures such as LASIK and ASA